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•    Exclusive provider of LeadershipSmarts “Practical Tools for Powerful Leadership”
•    Expertise in program design and facilitation using adult learning principles and best practices in the field
•    Master’s Degree level technical professionals
•    ICF Certified Coaches
•    Uniquely blend organizational development, leadership development and coaching expertise
•    Our proprietary process develops 3 Levels of Mastery: Personal, Interpersonal, and Organizational 


F500 Company - One business unit experienced significant retention issues and lagging ROI. We designed and delivered a leadership development program, and within 2 years that same business unit was recognized as one of the top 5 places to work in Colorado and became one of the most profitable business units in the company.

F500 Company - Despite significant investment in an enterprise wide Six Sigma program, the quality of key products was lagging and many projects were stalled.  We implemented a leadership development program for all Six Sigma professionals. Within a year of the program the company saw significant improvements in product quality and many quality initiatives were incorporated into the key strategic objectives.  Several Six Sigma leaders were promoted to key strategic positions.

State University - The Business School wanted the MBA program to prepare their students to fulfill significant managerial and leadership roles. We built an engaging and innovative leadership curriculum to supplement their traditional business classes. As a result, enrollment and corporate sponsorships and contributions increased significantly.  

Top Ranked Hospital – The hospital was undergoing significant change including shifting to digital records while building and relocating to a new campus. We supported the strategic alignment of HR, Customer Service, Quality and Organizational Development departments to improve the joint management of these significant changes across the organization.   Post appraisal of this project prompted the CEO to remark “these departments have accomplished more in the last 10 months than they accomplished in the last 10 years.” 

Federal Agency – Significant market forces required one agency to completely reorganize work processes, technology and organizational structure.  We provided facilitation to support collective cross organizational decision making.  The final recommendation was 100% supported by over 25 senior leaders representing all key stakeholders.

Energy Services Company – After 10 years of growth through many acquisitions the company struggled with internal conflict, inefficiency and redundant work processes.  We implemented a program to support a cultural shift towards integration and efficiency through collaboration.  As a result of the project the company was able to survive and thrive during a significant economic downturn that forced several primary competitors out of the industry.

Large Foundation – An employee survey revealed that many employees were expressing dissatisfaction and a lack of empowerment. We implemented a cultural assessment, senior leadership coaching and an employee resource group to help guide the focus of cultural changes.  Employee satisfaction scores significantly improved, and the following year there was zero attrition.

"These departments have accomplished more in the last 10 months than they accomplished in the last 10 years.” - Top Ranked Hospital CEO

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